Christie are a global visual, audio and collaboration solutions company offering diverse solutions for business, entertainment and industry. Christie employs over 1,500 people globally and has installed over 100,000 projection solutions for a variety of industries, worldwide – and they’re not stopping there.

Audiences are always looking for the next-level of cinematic artistry. They want to be wowed, inspired and immersed in their visual experience. And if they’re going to take the time to visit a theatre, they want to see what they can’t get at home. This is the value of offering premium cinema experiences – giving people a good reason to choose to go to the movies.

With more and more 3D content available, theatres have more options for generating revenue by offering greater value for the price of a premium ticket to entice moviegoers. For example, featuring blockbusters in 3D generates buzz and increases audience traffic for a new release.

Capitalize on premium cinema offerings with Christie® 3D-capable cinema projectors to give your audience the best in immersive cinema. Our RGB laser CP42LH in particular delivers higher brightness, as well as vivid and natural colours that replicate the Rec. 2020 space for an optimal 3D experience.

On top of this users can now experience the same in the comfort of their own home. Christie® offers a broad range of both 3LCD and 1DLP/3DLP projection solutions that deliver brightness, exceptional image quality, versatility and ease of use at an affordable price. Whatever your vision might be, from a meeting room to the most sophisticated home cinema, no venue is too large or too small for a Christie digital projector.